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The Wheelhouse Smasher


2 smashed out burger patties, Raw onion, pickles, American cheese, smash sauce.

Extra patty:extra patty +$2Extra patty +$2
Toppings:Lettuce +$0.50Tomato +$0.50Raw Onion +$1.50Beer Braised Onions +$0.50American +$1Provolone +$1Smoked Gouda +$1Brie +$1CHeddar Jack +$1Bacon +$2
Sides 2:Old Bay Chips +$3Waffles Fries +$3Mac 'n' Cheese +$3Wakame Slaw +$3Mango Jalapeno Slaw +$3Cilantro Lime Slaw +$3Dirty Rice +$3Black Beans +$3Side Caesar +$3Side Salad (Raspberry Vinaigrette) +$3Side Salad ( Balsamic Vinaigrette) +$3Side Salad (Oil & Vinegar) +$3Side Salad (Ranch) +$3Side Salad (Blue Cheese) +$3Side Salad (Honey Mustard) +$3